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Weeds and Irrigation

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Hunter I-60 ADS sprinkler head surrounded by goosegrass plants.


Among other reasons to manage weeds in sports turf, here is a case of goosegrass blocking irrigation. The disrupted irrigation stream falls to the ground near the sprinkler head, forming puddles, and reducing the irrigation distribution uniformity.

Remedies include killing the goosegrass, periodically mowing the field with a rotary mower (goosegrass plants are tall and can be pushed below the bedknife of a reel mower), using a sprinkler head with a 6-inch popup (currently 4 inches in this video), and elevating the sprinkler head in the ground so that the top of the retracted head is at ground level.

To control goosegrass with Revolver (a.i. foramsulfuron) and Sencor (a.i. metribuzin), refer to:

Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) control with foramsulfuron in bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) turf. Weed Technology 18: 634-640.

Replacement of MSMA for goosegrass control.

Another remedy, not necessarily the preferred remedy, is synthetic turf.