Phil Busey Agronomy
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Publications list

Broschat, T. K. and P. Busey. 2010. Toxicity of turfgrass postemergence herbicides to Wodyetia. Palms 54:137-140.

Selected quotations

"Selective postemergence herbicides are an effective means of managing weeds in turfgrass. However, since palms have extensive root systems that typically extend well beyond the dripline of their canopies, their roots could be exposed to herbicides applied to nearby turfgrass in a landscape. . . "

This study ". . . demonstrated that application of most commonly used selective post-emergence turf herbicides to the soil and leaf bases of juvenile Wodyetia bifurcata palms, even at high rates, had no apparent effect on the health of these palms. Metsulfuron, when applied at label or higher rates, caused temporary injury to a single leaf, but had no significant long-term effects on these palms."