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Publications list

Dudeck, A. E., J. A. Reinert, and P. Busey. 1986. Registration of 'Floralawn' St. Augustinegrass. Crop Sci. 26:1083.


Stenotaphrum secundatum cv. Floralawn was vegetatively propagated from an open pollinated seedling derived from FA23 which was originally selected from cv. Roselawn. Floralawn is resistant to St. Augustine decline virus, Blissus insularis and Sclerophthora macrospora. It is tolerant of Herpetogramma phaeopteralis under the low to moderate fertility conditions recommended for its cultivation. Floralawn is related to Floratam, which it resembles in leaf and stolon texture and response to stress (shading and cold). However, Floralawn can be distinguished from other commercial cultivars on the basis of alcohol dehydrogenase electrophoretic banding patterns and by morphological characteristics. Floralawn is recommended for cultivation in semitropical environments, such as the Gulf Coast region of Florida, in full sun to moderate shade.