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Publications list

Tarjan, A. C. and P. Busey. 1985. Genotypic variability in bermudagrass damage by ectoparasitic nematodes. HortScience 20:675-676.


Eight bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. and related species] clonal selections were inoculated with a mixed sample of ectoparasitic nematodes and were grown for 5 months in 13-cm pots. Relative to control (noninoculated) pots, nematodes reduced root dry weight 13% (P<0.01) but had no effect on overall shoot (clippings) yield. Commercially available cultivars 'Tifgreen' and 'Tifdwarf' had significantly greater root weight reductions and also supported significantly higher densities of the lance nematode, Hoplolaimus galeatus, than most other clones.