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Drones in agriculture and landscape assessment - videos from the Brookside 2013 Summer Conference.

Brookside Laboratories, Inc., in New Knoxville, Ohio, and the Brookside Association of Professional Consultants, provide complete agricultural and turfgrass testing of soil, water, tissue, environmental and geotechnical testing.

Brookside Laboratories, Inc., participates in more proficiency programs than any other laboratory in the United States. These include: The North American Soil and Plant Testing Proficiency Program for soils, plants and waters, The Performance Assessment Program for soils, The National Manure and Compost Proficiency Programs, and individual state soil accreditation programs (Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota etc.).

Brookside is the only US laboratory certified for soils and plant testing in Ontario Canada (OMAF-government nutrient testing plans). Brookside is one of only 9 laboratories world-wide certified in the ISO 17025 for geotechnical testing which is mandated by the USGA, the United States Golf Association. Brookside also is multi-state certified for numerous environmental tests including metals, bacteria, and organics.