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Zones in sod field

Zone map (left) of sod farm (aerial, right)
Red = Riviera fine sand, pH 7.4, OM 0.3%
Yellow = Holopaw fine sand, pH 6.5, OM 0.5%
Light Blue = Tequesta muck, pH 6.7, OM 11.6%
Dark Blue = Okeelanta muck, pH 6.5, OM 32.1%

Science solving problems. Involves monitoring, assessment, documentation, and recommendations for landscape and turfgrass soil, plant health, and water, to increase profitability and beneficial use and to reduce environmental impact.


We solve crop and landscape problems based on facts.


We don't sell fertilizer or other products. We provide knowledge and experience.


Dr. Phil Busey, CCA, CPAg, President, has more than 40 years experience in agronomy, botany, and horticulture, both science and crop advising. He is an author of many scientific publications on turfgrass, University of Florida Professor Emeritus in Environmental Horticulture, Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade College, Certified Crop Adviser, and Certified Professional Agronomist.


As a member of the Brookside Society of Professional Consultants, we provide rapid laboratory testing and interpretation for soil (including geophysical analysis), water, tissue, and environmental samples. Brookside Laboratories, Inc., is certified by the US-EPA for DMRQA Proficiency, the USGA (United States Golf Association) for the USGA Green Section Proficiency Testing Program, state Departments of Agriculture, accreditation associations, and independent testing associations, and passes the highest marks for accuracy.